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Next Stop: Nina by Robin Raven - Book Review

Next Stop: Nina, by Robin Raven
Published By:  Batham Press, July 26, 2015
Pages:  241 PDF
Genre:  Psychological, Time Travel
Source:  Author

Nina never was one who felt comfortable in this world. As she struggles to cope with the pain of her present and past, the young girl's life is changed through the beauty of art. When Nina grows up and winds up in over her head in a dark place, she finds herself somehow transported to another time when nothing is quite what it seems. She must fight the horrors of her past all over again. Along the way, she faces greater challenges than she imagined.

This is a character-driven novel with a heroine who faces life, love, and overcoming suicidal depression on her own terms.
Reading Next Stop: Nina is something of a departure for me but I was interested in the time travel aspect. It is difficult to know whether this is true time travel or some kind of internal psychological mechanism that Nina has for re-making a life that was extremely difficult for her to consciously deal with.

This book is beautifully written around the very difficult issues of abuse, depression, and thoughts of suicide. The 37 year old Nina is somehow transported from a moment when she wishes to end her life back to the time when she was 10 years old.

How incredible to take your mature self back to the time when you were 10 and experience your world again. It makes me wonder how I might see my own childhood through my adult lenses; my memories are certainly hazy.

Ultimately, this novel is about Nina experiencing recurrent echos, or repeated resets to her youth where she begins to relive her adult life over and over again. Recurrent themes are seeing her brother and mother before they are killed, her love relationship with Leonard/Lens, and her understanding of herself and learning about the beauty and goodness in life. She’s very resilient despite her issues and chooses something beautiful, delicious, or lovely over death every time.

If you’re of a mind to contemplate the strange forces that influence our lives and have a strong emotional/mental constitution, then reading Next Stop: Nina is a good choice.  4.3 Stars

My thanks to the author for a reading copy for the purposes of an honest review. You will find Robin Raven on the internet here:

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