Fated for Sanchez

Fated for Sanchez
by Kristin Ravelle
Published: March 10, 2016
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
42,213 word novel

Lilli Eden had never forgotten the summer she spent in Malaga, Spain, at her friend, Jimena’s. Or Sanchez Varellano, Jimena’s brother. They shared smouldering glances all that summer but no more for Sanchez was engaged. Or so she thought.

Four years on Lilli feels she’s finally grown past their searing mutual attraction but upon gaining control of her parents’ trust fund, she discovers her deceased Uncle Jeremy had secretly invested it in a Varellano business expansion. Sanchez now holds the strings to her and Lucie’s futures for several years.

Sanchez dares to take fate into his own hands. He can redress both Jeremy’s ill thought out offer and an old Varellano family score at the same time. And Sanchez has a private agenda of his own for the ravishing Lilli.

 Lilli must decide whether to tempt fate on a chance with Sanchez for dreamt of futures for her and Lucie as the Edens and Varellano share a painful history that brings Lilli and Sanchez together but also threatens to drive them apart. Will fate be on the side of love this time?

Sweet/spicy heat Mediterranean Men. Stand-alone novel, HEA.


  1. Just finished reading your entertaining book. I'll leave a comment in Amazon! See you there!

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    2. Hi Angelika and thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment with your thoughts about Sanchez :)


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