Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hot New Romance Releases from Amazon June 4

I’m introducing a new feature today, Hot New Romance Releases from Amazon. I wanted to get a better overview of new books that are just fresh off the press across several of the romance categories and hope you will join me for these random blog posts.

When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity #12)
By Alexandra Ivy
(Abridged) Cyn, the vampire clan chief of Ireland, is furious when he is transported from the magical land of the pure-blooded feys to his desolate, private lair – only to have his very existence thrown into a chaos that even he cannot charm his way out of…

Fallon, a sharp-witted fairy princess, is less than beguiled by the silver-tongued vampire. She has no times for his games – especially when they learn that someone is trying to close the veil that separates the dimensions. Seduction may prove the most powerful force of all as attraction ignites between the unlikely pair even as worlds are colliding around them.

The Beast of Bath: A wicked Regency Fairytale (a novella)
By Chasity Bowlin
                         (Abridged) Lord Victor Mayhew, Viscount Norcross, lives in the shadows, hiding his scarred face from those who would fear him… or worse, pity him. While traversing the city in the dark of night, he encounters a beautiful woman who is running for her life.

While Lord Norcross carefully keeps his face concealed from Lady Thessaly Shade, he cannot hide the fact that he is a man of honour. With no way to repay him for his kindness and courage, she bargains with the only thing of value she possesses… herself. Can she convince him to trust her, and to believe that she can see beyond the scars he bears to the man he is?

The Beautiful Sacrifice (The Maddox Brothers #3)
By Jamie McGuire
Falyn Fairchild can walk away from anything. Having already left her car, her education, and even her parents, the daughter of the next governor of Colorado is back in her hometown, broke and waiting tables for the Bucksaw Café. After every shift, Falyn adds to her shoebox of cash, hoping to one day save enough to buy a plane ticket to the only place she can find forgiveness: Eakins, Illinois.

The moment Taylor Maddox is seated in Falyn’s section at the Bucksaw, she knows he’s trouble. Taylor is charming, breaks promises, and is gorgeous even when covered in filth – making him everything that Falyn believes a hotshot firefighter to be. But Falyn isn’t interested in becoming another statistic and for a Maddox boy, a disinterested girl is the ultimate challenge.

In the end, Maddox’s persistence is met with Falyn’s talent for leaving and for the first time, Taylor may be the one to get burned.
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