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Evanescent by Gabriella Lepore - Book Review

By:  Gabriella Lepore
Published:  March 14, 2013 Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Genre:  Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Pages:  302 Calibre EReader
Source:  Xpresso Book Tours

“Then it is settled,” Felix declared. “Come hell or high water, when this is all over, at least one of us here will not make it out alive.”

When Bronwen Snow is pulled from her cottage in the middle of the night, she finds herself seeking the help of three mysterious boys who reside in an abandoned castle deep in the hillside. With only a hasty handwritten note and a vague sense of dread to guide her, Bronwen is forced to put her trust in the eccentric and willful Felix Cavara and his eternal curse – immortality.
Evanescent is a little bit of a younger read than I expected from the cover and blurb but I just loved it all the same!

This is the tale of young Bronwen. One night, her grandmother urgently sends her to the old, abandoned Cynon castle up in the hills to seek the protection of Felix against an unknown and dangerous threat. When Bronwen undertakes the journey, Alistair and Loki, Felix' companions, are there too into the bargain.

How great to have the protection of three dragon-blood, immortal boys against the dangerous Severan! Though these three are a little bit unusual, or illogical, or something funny, sweet; it's hard to say.

Bronwen’s new guardian, Felix, is very unconventional about doing things; he’s not lazy exactly, but chooses to act unexpectedly. He and Bronwen develop an innocent, sweet love for each other that the author grows at a nice pace and naturally through the book while the boys work on dealing with the Severan. They haven’t been out in the public world for quite a long time and it’s great fun how Bronwen isn’t afraid to update them.

I loved all the eccentric touches like the room of clocks, the Piriot B14 weapon, and the pinecones.

There are unknown things that come out into the open eventually that change everything for Bronwen and the boys. Just a heartbreaker ending.

I think early teen readers will just love Evanescent and this would make a great gift for any in your life. This is a wonderful, heart warming read for YA book lovers, as well as the young at heart.
You will be charmed.  4.3 Stars!

Gabriella Lepore writes supernatural teen fiction with a twist. Connect with her on the web at these links:
Please join me next Friday as I review Blackheath, book 1 in Gabriella's newest series!


  1. Thanks for hosting today, Kristin! This sounds like a fun read and unique, too!

  2. Hi Giselle :)
    Gabriella Lepore has a sweet, whimsical writing style that's perfect for YA readers and YAH (young at heart). Thanks for visiting, and I'm looking forward to Blackheath next Friday!


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