Thursday, 19 March 2015

Vengeance, by Katie M. John - Cover Reveal

‘VENGEANCE’ (Book Two of The Meadow Sweet Chronicles), explores the aftershocks of the devastating events that take place in book one, Witchcraft. The various parties are spread as they head off to nurse their wounds and plan for their own personal vengeance.

With the Ravenhearts gathering allies in Mexico, bargaining more than they’d hoped for with the High Priestess of the Southern Territories, Geavanna, Swan heads towards the sanctuary of Salem, Massachusetts  and ‘The Farm’, a community of Witches who have sought escape from various persecutions.

Back in Heargton, Fox struggles to cope with the raging storm of emotions over her sister’s absence and the consequences of the blood bond with Jeremiah. As much as her blossoming relationship with Will Harrington provides a welcome distraction, she is coming to realise that Jeremiah and her are linked in a way that will never be broken.

Jeremiah's blood legacy continues to torment him as he faces an internal struggle between his inner nature and love for a girl that cannot be his, and if his inner demons were not enough, he is plagued by a pair of demonic spirit children, who are being used as a pawn in somebody else's game of power.
Katie is the London based bestselling author of the YA contemporary Arthurian series, ‘The Knight Trilogy’. To grab a copy of Book 1, Witchcraft, in The Meadow Sweet Chronicles, here's the link:
Witchcraft, on Amazon

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