Saturday, 2 January 2016

Update 2016 Kristin Ravelle

Happy New Year all!

Hope you've had a great holiday with loads of fun, great food, and good times with loved ones.

I've had a chance to plan for a busy year of self-publishing myself. Here are some new titles that I'm working on and will hopefully complete in 2016.

Fated For Sanchez
This is a title that I'd started work on some time back that has been calling me to finish it. It's a contemporary romance in the Harlequin style. Sanchez and Lilli share a special connection from their grandfathers' times that draws them together in the present but which also threatens to tear them apart. Sweet-spicy read with a Spanish hottie businessman.

Immortelle (Book II Iron Web)
Bryn and Curran are on the run from the OED, along with Elain who they've managed to pick up from Moorfield's. Dinas Affaraon is magically hidden in the Snowdonia mountains and only Bryn's ability to read raven calls will help them find it. They're looking to learn new earth magic that will help in the growing fight against One Earth Dynamic, the encroaching world authority that is putting tighter controls over its citizens. Will Bryn and Curran come closer together in their struggle or discover new things about each other that drive them apart?

A Trail of Broken Glass
Fractured Fairy Tales
I've been wanting to write a fairy tale, Christmas story, retelling for about two years now. I'm finally getting it together with A Trail of Broken Glass; planned release for November 1, 2016. This is based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, the Snow Queen, my absolute favourite. What if the sovereign of snow and Kai really have the hots for each other? Impossible you say. Let's see...

Good fortune in all your blogging and writing endeavours in 2016. I look forward to my first book review of the year, The Dark Realm (Feyland #1), coming soon!


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