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The Spaniard's Kiss, by Nina Croft - Review

The Spaniard's Kiss
By Nina Croft
Published by: Entangled Publishing, Indulgence, July 14, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 211 Adobe Digital Editions
Source: Entangled Publishing, NetGalley

One moment will change their friendship forever…

Widow Isobel Sinclair knows it’s time to move on, and she believes the next chapter in her life involves a baby. All she needs is a man to help her with the finer details. Unfortunately, right now the only man in her life is her husband’s best friend, Rafael Sanchez. And an incredibly wealthy, super-hot player is not exactly family material.

That’s okay since she wants a baby sans the husband part.

Billionaire playboy Rafael has carefully hidden his longing for Isobel over the years. He’s wanted her from the moment they met. When desire sparks between them, Rafael faces a choice beyond imagining: give Isobel what she wants…or lose her forever. He has a good reason why a child can’t be in his future, but telling Isobel the truth could destroy everything.
My thanks to Entangled Publishing, Indulgence, for an advance reader copy via NetGalley of Nina Croft’s new romance in anticipation of her July 14, 2015 release.

This book had me smiling from the beginning with Nina Croft’s undertone of teasing humour!

Bella’s husband, Gary, has passed away, leaving her a young widow. Gary’s best friend, hot Spanish guy, Rafael, has been just a friend to Bella, until the kiss. And Bella’s crazy idea that what she’s missing in life is a baby, the one she should have had with Gary.

Rafe is busy running a multimillion dollar business and isn’t into the family thing, but he does have protective feelings for his friend’s widow, Bella. And other feelings that he thinks are very inappropriate.

Rafe is the quintessential noble Spaniard, wanting to help Bella with her baby quest but he likes his relationships attachment-free, and has his own secrets. Having a baby with Bella would most certainly bind them together, whatever Bella says otherwise. I like that Rafe tries to strike a middle balance, bringing Bella to London to be near him, but living separately, while they figure out whether they want to take things into the bedroom or not.

Bella is a realistic and quirky modern female, and this is kind of a funny race to see whether Rafe and Bella can keep their hands off each other long enough to sort out all the background secrets and issues in order to have a decent relationship. Nina Croft constructs an amusing and tantalizing romance, though I admit to being partial to dark Latin men!  4 stars

Nina Croft writes romance across several genres including science fiction, and paranormal. You can find her on the web here:

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