Thursday, 29 November 2018

November Musings

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Welcome readers! Can you believe we’re rushing into the end of November already? Christmas will be upon us in the blink of an eye and the cold is descending upon us.
For me the late fall has been about repairing the backyard fence and gate, prepping the furnace and getting ready for a forecast of a cold winter ahead. As temperatures drop one of the first things I notice is how dry everything gets, especially my already dry skin, so my night table has a jumble of pots and jars of skin hydrating and moisture sealing creams. We get -20 degrees through January. That’s really cold! So I'm looking for serious, heavy duty skin protection. 
Summer 2017 I chanced upon an interesting 2015 Raquel Welch interview with Piers Morgan in which she divulged a simple beauty secret. Then 75 years of age she looked amazing! I can’t find the original full interview but there’s an article Here that shares this information she let out during that interview. 
You won’t believe what’s in the simple product she uses called Bag Balm. It’s a mix of lanolin, petroleum jelly and paraffin wax! We're familiar with lanolin which is a waxy sebum secreted by sheep and other animals into their wool for protection against the elements. I need something really effective for the cold and lanolin is the most unctuous and seriously heavy duty moisturizer I’ve found (I might try a liquid version in future too). Make sure to get 100% pure and be aware that you'll need to mix/melt it into shea butter, or Vaseline, or coconut oil or similar. PipingRock makes an inexpensive pure lanolin and they have great customer service.

Ideally we would want to source lanolin from unsprayed and non-GMO fed sheep (that’s a topic for another discussion) but at this time this looks to be very difficult if not impossible.

The other ingredient I think in Bag Balm that’s probably very effective is paraffin. I’m not that keen on it though it would probably be an excellent sealant, maybe too effective and I’d want my skin to breathe easily. It sounds great if you work out of doors during the cold months though!
As the year is winding down I'm busy working on new directions for 2019 to help me achieve greater goals for independence, some for my writing and some in skin care. To get an early peek visit SkinCare101. 
November Mood Collage
Merry Christmas from Cat!
So early season’s greetings all! If you’re looking for ideas, check out 900HedgehogBrand for cute and classic greeting cards, gift bags and tags, iphone cases and more.
May the best of friends, family, health, food, and contentment fill your life and home through Christmas and into 2019!

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