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Rise of the Realms - REBORN by D. Fischer - Free Excerpt

Welcome readers to a special blog post today!  I’m featuring author D. Fischer, a multi-genre paranormal fantasy author, with a premiere excerpt from the first book in her upcoming epic and high fantasy series, Rise of the Realms – REBORN. Read on!
Fischer’s previous works include Night of Terror, Prurient’s Bluff, the Cloven Pack series (shape-shifter wolf series), and some scary sexy paranormal short stories. Paranormal, dark and disturbing, suspense, and even erotica, are the themes in her novels. In Reborn the author takes on witches, angels and vampires in a new, intense fantasy series. Let’s get to the blurb and excerpt!
“This isn’t a place for beating hearts. This is death, and death is endless.” 
Five people. Five crossing fates. One person’s actions change their lives forever. 
Making a deal with the Fee has its price. In Katriane Dupont’s case, it comes with scales and an unlimited amount of power. The consequences of her actions unfold with crippling events, shifting the Realms. Shades cross the Death Realm, and an Angel, determined for answers, clips her wings. 
Can Kat control what’s within her? Or will it consume her?
“It’s nature, to fight to live, even until your very last breath.”

Enjoy this thrilling new EXCERPT
Perched on the edge of the brick building, I watch my charge, Katriane Dupont, walk into her shop. My drenched, long curls whip about my face with the force of the wind rolling up the side of the brick below me. My dress clings to my skin and my white, feathered wings rustle against my back in agitation, cascading droplets of rain. Her footsteps are light but careful, her grace becoming legendary amongst the Guardian Realm.
A witch expelled from her coven is a vulnerable one, and for a reason I can’t fathom, the creatures of the dead flock to her like Earth Realm bugs to a light.
It’s late, the stars should twinkle in the night sky, but the roaring storm consumes them with its thunderous veracity. This is a wet fall the Earth Realm is having, a sure sign that its winter will be a strong and vicious one.
The bell chimes as she opens the glass door to her shop, echoing against the buildings of the empty street. Soon she disappears from my view, confined to the safety of her home. I watch as the lights flick on in the second story of the building, and my heart eases. She’s safe. My job is half-way done, but yet, the questions forming in my head have yet to be answered.
My eyes return to the danger threatening my charge’s safety. In the alley, just beside her shop, two pairs of red eyes lurk like roaches, concealed by the dark shadows as they hunch close to the ground. They wait for the moment of visible weakness to strike my unsuspecting Katriane, but unfortunately for them, they’ll never have the chance.
Slowly, I stand from my perched position and expand my wings before flexing the muscles in my back, beating them against the air. The sound is drowned by the thunder, and my body lifts into the night. Taking the higher route as to not be seen, I fly the short distance to Katriane’s building and perch once more. As a hundreds of years old angel, my movements are fluid and quiet with practiced ease. The enemies on the ground, none-the-wiser, have little knowledge I watch them like a hawk stalking its next feast. Over my dead, immortal body will any vampire lay a claw or fang on my charge.
They begin speaking to each other, but all I hear is the slight hissing at the end of each word, their lips attempting to make coherent sounds around their permanently elongated fangs. I curse Kheelan for the day he created these monstrosities. They’re assassins, their only purpose to do Kheelan’s bidding. They’re a plague to the world, a disgrace to the realms, and that of the Fee who had created them so long ago. There was a time that these creatures of the dead didn’t exist and each realm was all the better for it.
Thick, oiling revulsion rolls in the pit of my stomach. Only a sick mind could create such a monster, such a contradiction to life itself, and then unleash them to this innocent realm. My fingers grip the edge of the wall between my feet, my knuckles straining against my skin as I fight my inner hatred.
Silently, they make their way to the edge of the alley. No longer worried about their concealment, they walk through the middle instead of shimming, crouched, along the wall. I sigh at their ignorance and spread my wings once more, leaping from the edge and dropping to the ground in a dive.  
It’s a short fall, but as my feet touch the wet cement with a grace few creatures possess, the vampires’ sensitive hearing picks up the extra step as I take it. The rain puddled against the cement caresses the bottom of my feet and the fresh scent of wet dirt tickles in the inside of my nose.
They whip their heads around, their red eyes deep, like pools of blood puddled on the floor. I imagine those eyes themselves would strike fear into any victim.
Veins black as the night sky are visible through their pale skin and fangs dip past their bottom lip, poking the skin just above their chins. The smell of rotting, dead flesh wrinkles my nose and my stomach rolls once more.
“Evening boys,” I greet with much more kindness than they deserve. I tilt my head. “Care to share your plans for this fine night?”
They step from the shadows and I get a better view of their profile. One has red hair and a pinched nose, the other has black hair, matching the veins inside his skin. Both tall and broad in size, I imagine whoever sent them had chosen them on purpose.
The red-haired vampire hisses at me, red-tinged spittle flying from his mouth. The rain flattening his hair to his forehead causes him to look more like a vulnerable living being, but he’s not. No vampire is a living being and each should be judged accordingly for their crimes—I’d be honored to deliver the verdict.
Quicker than the rain that pounds the ground and the lightning that strikes the land, they race toward me. But I’m prepared. I bend my knees, ducking and spreading my wings. As I spin on the balls of my bare feet, my wings hit the vampires against their torsos, sending them crashing into the brick wall. Before they can fall to the ground, I rush forward, reach out my hands, and capture their necks. Their skin feels slick—like the carcass of a plucked chicken—but not from the downpour. The feel of the skin against mine threatens the hold of my fingers, their grips, and the contents within my stomach.
Pinned to the man-made rock, their fingers claw hands but it’s useless—I don’t feel it. Angels are built to be indestructible to any enemy of the night—we have far more strength than any vampire.
“Do you think the Death Realm has a place for the twice dead?” I whisper to them, my face relaxed as I easily hold them prisoner. They hiss and guttural growls pass chomping teeth. I blink, unaffected, and twist my hands to the side. The snap of their spine rings true, announcing my easy victory. Within another blink, they’re piles of dust pooled against the concrete. I watch as rain flows along the grooves, mixing with their ashes and carrying them away to the street drain just beyond.
“I suppose they’ll find out,” I mumble to myself.
Glancing down the alleyway, both left and right, I make sure that’s the last of them before soaring back into the sky, the rain beating against my skin from my gathering speed. 
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