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Dark Prince by Eve Silver - Book Review

Dark Prince
Dark Gothic #3
By:  Eve Silver
Published:  August 5, 2014, Smashwords (First published August 1, 2007)
Genre:  Gothic, Historical Romance, Mystery
Pages:  352 Pages Amazon Kindle
Source:  Free day on Amazon

Innkeeper’s daughter Jane Heatherington is sold into indentured servitude to cover her father’s debts to Aidan Warrick, a man whose handsome face and form mock the rumors that skulk in his shadow, rumors that paint him a smuggler, a pirate…and worse.

On the rain swept Cornish coast, Aidan’s business is carried out in the darkest hours of moonless nights, his secrets are many, and death follows in his wake. Isolated and alone, Jane's only companion is the man she dare not trust, the man who looks at her with heated desire that she both fears and craves.

As she finds herself ensnared in the twisted schemes carried out within the walls of Aidan’s looming estate, Jane must decide if Aidan Warrick is the dark prince of her dreams or a monster preying on the innocent…
Our lingering winter put me in the mood for an atmospheric gothic novel so my thanks to author Eve Silver for her free day on Amazon for one of her earlier novels, Dark Prince!

The story takes place along the moody, tragic Cornwall coast and a trip to the cemetery to start this period romance wrapped in a mystery. Yum. Just the kind of setting I like for a gothic.

Here’s a dark hero with a tortured past that drives him. There’s a mystery to hero, Aidan, that’s played out nicely through the book, pulling the reader along. It’s entwined with a puzzle around a shipwreck, wrapped up in a deep, dark completely unsuspecting secret that gradually unravels. Is Aidan truly evil, or are we just missing some of the facts? I loved the surprise revelations at the end.

The relationship between Aidan and Jane develops at a realistic pace.  It’s wonderful how Aidan comes to care for Jane in the truest, and most practical way. Jane has an infirmity but is no true damsel in distress, though I found her somewhat “dear God” ish. And if you’re looking for a maidenly gothic, heads up, this one has some steam in it!

Overall Dark Prince is well written, though I wanted to see and know a little more of Trevisham, Aidan’s manor house, in the style of gothics.  Also, calling the heroine Jane just puts me in mind of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and I thought of this all way through the book. So, I think a different name would have been better for her.

Fav quote at 2732/3582:  She lifted her eyes and met his gaze. “A fine pairing, then. If we are both mad, neither shall notice the malady in the other.”

At the end, there is a sample from His Wicked Sins, another in the line of Eve Silver’s Dark Gothic series.

Definitely recommend for romance fans, especially if you like mystery, or gothic overtones. 4.3 Stars!

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As of this writing, Dark Desires is currently Free!  Dark Desires on Kindle 

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