Thursday, 3 September 2015

Everlasting Spell and Update

So thrilled to have received another thoughtful review for my novelette, The Everlasting Spell, at T's Blogging/We Said It/McWood Publishing.
McWood Blog Spot

This is just my first self-published effort. I'm so gratified by the responsiveness of the community to newbies as it's a lot of work to get started in self-pub. Of course, I did have to go out there and ask for reviews! I've found wonderful people at Goodreads (check out indie pub), Book Blogs, and just book reviewers sites that work every day to get the word out.
Get Your Copy of the Everlasting Spell!

I'm glad to be a part of the community and look forward to late fall when I resume my own book reviews here on my blog.  Lined up already are YzaDora's On the Evil Scale, Bruce MacBain's follow up to Odin's Child, and much more.

I'm hard at work on my new novella, the Iron Web - Discovery, which I hope to release in a month or two. You can see a sneak peak at the cover if you click on my second tab, Kristin's Books, above.

Bryn is a small town Welsh girl with a strange ability to condense and throw light. She will need all her skill when she falls in with Luxentia, an underground group in her town. One Earth Dynamic, the earth's ruling corporation, has a hidden past that is set to imprison the planet but when Bryn meets Curran, an OED fugitive seeking shelter with Luxentia, they will throw in everything to bring down the OED. This will be a three-part series, Discovery, Immortelle, and Red Wharf Bay. So, stay tuned.

Have a great September!


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