The Everlasting Spell
Celandrium Shop Tales Book 1
Published:  Amazon Kindle Books February 13, 2013
Genre:  Paranormal, Romance, Urban, Magical
Novelette of 42 Pages

Casting a moon spell to capture the romantic interest of Justin Rokoff seems crazy to college psychology student, Sabina Clair, but when she overhears a conversation about the powerful success of a Celandrium Shop love spell, Sabina decides to take drastic measures to attract Justin, her love crush since starting college. She visits the mysterious Celandrium shop and purchases the archaic spell.  Sabina casts the spell at the next full moon and waits anxiously for its effects, which are very quick.  The bliss of Justin’s immediate and undivided romantic attention very soon turns to dread when the antique spell works too perfectly and Sabina finds herself desperate to undo an irreversible spell. Surprise twist ending!

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